Issue One Release Date!

We have been overwhelmed (in a wonderful way) by the response we’ve received from so many gifted writers!  Our first issue will be available online the first week of December!  We chose this release date to set up our eventual release of quarterly print issues.  Beginning in December will allow us to eventually release a “Winter” quarterly which will include exceptional pieces from the electronic issues throughout December, January and February. 

If you’ve submitted and have not heard back from an editor just yet, please sit tight!  We’re working through some astounding submissions and we’re determined to give each piece the consideration it deserves.  That being said, please keep those submissions coming!  We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve been… a little afraid at times.  But we’re loving the chance to review and potentially publish the work of some truly talented people.

Happy writing… and even happier reading!


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