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  1. how great to read this glimpse into lives not examined enough, by James in Life Shrinkage – and nice to read something by him besides his wonderful book reviews. Thanks!

  2. James Reynolds’ story, Life Shrinkage, is wonderful. Perfect details, characters that I would like to read more about and emotionally honest. I look forward to reading more of his work.

  3. I loved Life Shrinkage by James Reynolds. Perfectly captured the feeling of the absence of someone you love in so few words – wish i could read more about them.

  4. James thank you the heart felt story Life Shrinkage. It is wonderful to read a story that shows the intimacy of friendship. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great work with “Life Shrinkage”, Jim. So few words but yet packed with great emotion. Well done! Now when do we get to read these two novels that are mentioned in your bio?!?!

  6. i was practically moved by the rhythms of life shrinkage, the speed of which the image came to the mind, it seems that the story could continue… then probably i would like to know more about those bedsides stories

    Christian Carriere

  7. April 14, 2012

    Great read – images certainly do pop up – sad but realistic. It is a though the space closes up around all of us eventually.

    Starbucks companion

  8. I am so impressed by the way James Reynolds challenges our stereotyping of people with developmental disabilities in his emotionally moving story Life Shrinkage.

  9. Great writing by James Reynolds. We need to hear these stories and written in such a way that makes it all the more real and less separate from our own lives and responsibilities. Thank you James for touching my heart

  10. In so few words Life Shrinkage, by James Reynolds, left a heartfelt impression. To be momentarily captivated by the quiet love and friendship of these individuals was inspiring. Even in its sadness it’s a beautiful sketch of human connection and the ways in which we touch each other.
    Bravo James!! Please, more stories.


  11. Thank you Jim for sharing this link to your short story. I truly enjoyed the short story and writing style. I look forward to reading more stories by you in the future.

    You really drew me into their lives and I felt sadness knowing of the loss they shared. All in a matter of a few pages, bravo!


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