Issue Twenty Contributors


Issue Twenty will be here on Monday and it’s shaping up to be a good one…

Jeffrey Park
Baltimore native Jeffrey Park currently lives in Munich, Germany, where he works at a private secondary school and teaches business English to adults. His latest poems have appeared in Subliminal Interiors, Mobius, Danse Macabre, Darkling Magazine, Right Hand Pointing and elsewhere.

Tom Pescatore
Tom Pescatore grew up outside Philadelphia, he is an active member of the growing poetry/lit scene within the city and hopes to spread the word on Philadelphia’s new poets. He maintains a poetry blog: His work has been published in literary magazines both nationally and internationally but he’d rather have them carved on the Walt Whitman Bridge or on the sidewalks of Philadelphia’s old Skid Row.

Melanie Whithaus
Melanie Whithaus is currently studying creative writing at Southeast Missouri State University. Her work has been featured on websites such as ( and, and she has two pieces of original poetry published with Umbrella Factory Magazine. Her writing is known for its raw and straight-forward voice, and her “no-bars-held” style.

Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson is currently a Junior Creative writing major at Seton Hill University, preparing for bankruptcy. She is the Pittsburgh Book Examiner for 

Benjamin Joel Chapman
Benjamin Joel Chapman is a recent graduate of U.C. Berkeley and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. He’s always loved reading and recently got into writing as well.  He wanted to be a writer when, while studying for a law school exam, he had to just stop—all he wanted to do was re-read Fahrenheit 451. So he did.  It led him to the realization that the reading and writing skill set doesn’t need to have a practical application; art is important in and of itself. These are his first published short stories.

Santosh Ananthakrishnan
Santosh Ananthakrishnan is a final year undergraduate at IIT-Bombay. He loves reading Terry Pratchett and Wodehouse, and likes to think his writing style derives a little bit from both of them. He doesn’t get too much writing done, sadly, more often out of laziness than lack of ideas. He is currently looking for an evil minion to do his writing work for him, aside from other minion-ish tasks in his dastardly plan to take over the world.

Christine Catalano (cover artist)
Christine Catalano is an English major who slipped into publishing through the back door as a graphic artist. She worked happily there for many years. Now liberated from daily deadlines, she keeps her muse satisfied with camera and Photoshop. Some of her artwork has been published in Fiction at Work, the San Pedro River Review, and Mused.

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