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  1. This was an excellent edition of Crack The Spine. I was particularly impressed by The Original Sin & The Blasphemous Blues. The unorthodox composition style of the poem was original and added to the overall flow of the piece. Each time that I’ve read the poem I experience a different set of emotions and pick up on different possible themes. I would very much like to hear her poetry read aloud- I feel that it might have a lyrical quality different to my own rhyme & rhythm. I searched the internet for a sound bite of Ms. Pecoraro reading her poetry but was unable to find anything.
    However, the words themselves are beautifully strung together. I was moved into self- reflection and left with the words cycling through my head: “nothing for breakfast but swallowed words and guilt-free conversations beneath dripping reds & the violent crashing clanging of inner monologue & four letter words.”

  2. Darla McBride’s “Nightfall” was excellent. The imagery was both beautiful and original, and the narrating voice was so haphazard yet intelligent, perfectly reflecting the intoxicated narrator. Really, really amazing poem. The language and dreaminess of it really took me by surprise, and now I can’t stop reading it. Great stuff!

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