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4 Comments on “Issue Thirty-Seven
  1. I am a new reader of “Crack the Spine” and I really enjoyed this issue. The poetry is vivid and fresh, and “No Place” was a completely unexpected yet appropriate conclusion. I will highly recommend this issue and this piece to my fellow readers!

  2. Finally! Some good poetry! This is the first time I’ve read Crack the Spine…really enjoyed the ones by Mila Anheilo. She’s quite insightful and expresses herself in such a lovely way and I’m shocked she’s only 21!

  3. I love the cover of the issue. The writing was interesting. “One live to life” had some really intriguing images and was well-structured. My favorite piece was “Anti-Ode for the Boss” because of it’s hilariousness and voice.

  4. Great issue. I particularly enjoyed “Anti-Ode for the Boss” by Olivia Somes. I like that her poetry is never scared to make fun of someone or point out their idiocy. Great work. ~Karie

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