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  1. Great description.I can picture the bar he is sitting in,hear the sounds.Love the dry humor. I never figure out if he is hallucinating or crazy,if the bear is there or not,if he walks out of there with money or not-doesn’t seem to be that important-just really funny!

  2. The Unknowable Agenda of Ursines was great 🙂 Loved the usage of common bear sayings that we use in the “real world” (vs the world of stories)…they actually made more sense in the context of the story than they do when used in the real world…”smarter than your average bear” and “only you can prevent forest fires” Great job!!!!

  3. I both liked and was disturbed by Ms. Schonauer’s Mechanalysis. I love stories where you truly feel captured by the hermetically sealed brain box of the character with no way out. Thanks for the ride!

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