Issue Fifty-One

“She lies in bed, counting breaths

backwards from one-hundred,   
ninety-nine    ninety eight

under the clicks of the oscillating fan.

In these unsleeping hours, the tiniest matters invite catastrophe –

the neglected deadbolt: thieves or worse, an erased voicemail…”

– From “Night Meter” by Krista Ramsay


on “Issue Fifty-One
20 Comments on “Issue Fifty-One
  1. I love the first story, “Rejoice,” by Adam Galanski. It’s well-written–I can see everything like a film but the story still moves through the action quickly–and it’s a great piece to lead off the issue. Nice journal throughout.

  2. “Rejoice” is haunting, a nightmare flash of vision to upset the pop psychology newsroom interpretations of the school shooter. The handsome jock’s ascent to sainthood in the church via his father is profaned by a blast of brain matter on the pews. Sinister and revealing of the terrors incubating in our schools.

  3. Krista Ramsay is a fantastic writer, her two poems have been the strongest I’ve read in a long time, “Night Meter” in particular (that ending is breathtaking).

  4. I love the prose in this issue. All very different but all very strong in their own respects, and great use of voice throughout. I’m especially impressed with how “Rejoice” was written. It isn’t easy to find the balance between too much and too little drama within the confines of a short story, but here it was well done.

  5. Olyn Ozbick’s “Deer Hunter” is simplicity at its best. Few and perfectly chosen words illustrate beautifully the hunter’s ‘moment of truth’ when confronted with his prey. Well done indeed.

  6. I’m typically more of a prose person, but the poetry in this issue really impressed me. “Der Leiermann” in particular, stuck with me after reading this issue….the images and language were very strong, and it can be difficult to write a “social commentary” piece without coming off as preachy or heavy-handed, but I think Krista Ramsay did an outstanding job.

  7. “Rejoice” has got it, a story about violence that doesn’t run and hide in easy answers, that’s not easy to pull off, Adam Galanski’s definitely on the way up. also, the last lines in “Refusal” have a punch to them, I’d like to see more from Henderson.

  8. Nice poetry in this issue, and I have to agree with the previous commenter that the last lines of “Refusal” have some punch to them. I especially liked the poems from Krista Ramsay, “Night Meter” in particular; there was a great balance of energy and meditation in that work. Hope to see more writing from her in the future.

  9. Loved “Deer Hunter” by Olyn Ozbick. So much insight and characterization in so few words. Beautifully written – simple, precise and rythmic. Looking forward to more.

  10. Olyn Ozbick’s “Deer Hunter” took me in to another space immediately. Amazing character development. Shortness of the story adds to the intensity of the moment!

  11. Really connected with “Rejoice”. It’s a real look at things people think about but seldom say. Adam Galanski’s voice has the classic feel of an old Phillip Marlowe radio program and applies it in a contemporary way for the modern dialogue. Very impressive and original.

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