Issue Fifty-Two

“Funny… notso funny… how my father, always the evangelical atheist, never mentioned that someday down the line, when I truly needed a spot of faith, a few shots of tequila might have to suffice…”

– From “Framed Beside Her” by Michael Welch


on “Issue Fifty-Two
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  1. The first story, Memo Line, was amazing. You felt the hate, the love, the anxiety, and the struggles of not just the main character(s), but also the minor ones in the Del Taco. Hands down great writing.

  2. “Framed Beside Her” lingers long after you read it. What is said/unsaid, what takes the place of family intimacy when dysfunction has set in, and what it means to watch your mother waste away… These themes are explored in an unflinching and very human way.

  3. “Framed Beside Her” took me to a place of mixed unresolved feelings of my own father passing – – – right before my eyes. I find this writing a non-threatening way to identify my struggle to accept and feel my way through the foreseeable.

  4. Wow, Chelsea-‘Memo Line’ blew me away. Loved it. (This is Michael-the guy who wrote the story after yours, by the way). Powerful, raw content, and yet your style kept it all buoyant, and at times very funny. Your first time published, but definitely not your last!

  5. Compelling story that is well-written and emotionally charged. Michael Welch has clearly captured the struggle of maternal death in one short chapter. I look forward to reading more from him.

  6. “Framed Beside Her” back lights the half seen places, the secret dimensions that provide the matrix for all complex experience. Michael Welch knows the vocabulary of all that is unsaid and as a result of this story, we do too. Great piece of writing.

  7. “Memo Line” by Chelsea Johnson, brought and emotional movement that will touch the heart with sadness, laughter and realism, and at the end leaves you wanting to know more about Vonny and his family…and what else the world has in store…. Wow…like a great movie and you hate to see it end…you want more

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