Issue Fifty-Five Contributors

Meet the contributors of Issue Fifty-Five…

Danielle Luther Luebbe

Danielle Luther Luebbe grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  This starkly beautiful place and the people that inhabit it have deeply influenced her writing.  She is currently an adjunct professor of English and writes general copy for a university website.  She has a cat named Ralphie, enjoys wings and beer, and recently got her first plant, which she is hoping she can keep alive.

Merica Merida Teng

Merica Merida Teng is a Cambodian American writer from La Mirada, CA. She received her BA in English – Creative Writing from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2010. She went on to earn her MFA in Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach in 2012. She is a girl that values her family, her friends, loyalty, and really clean mirrors. She has an obsession with art galleries, butterflies, list-making, and reading. Any success that she has earned or will earn is completely due to her spectacular parents, and a wonderful little brother.

Karina Van Berkum
Karina is from small town New Hampshire and now lives in Baltimore, MD where she asks and answers questions. She’s not sure she’s lived enough to have a bio yet, so consider this one happily “in progress.” She loves writing about seasons and the body, and her poems have been published in several literary magazines including Stirring and Vine Leaves Poetry.

Arthur Davis
Arthur Davis is a management consultant and has taught at the New School University, been quoted in The New York Times, in business journals and interviewed on New York TV News Channel 1, and lectures extensively to CEO’s and entrepreneurs on how to improve leadership skills.  He has given testimony as an expert on best practices for the U.S. Senate and appeared as an expert witness on best practices in hearings before The New York State Commission on Corruption in Boxing.  He has written 11 novels, and over 130 short stories, twenty-four of which have found a welcome audience in literary magazines.

Loh Guan Liang
Loh Guan Liang’s works have appeared in various journals such as Kin Poetry Journal, Mascara Literary Review and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. His first collection of poems, “Transparent Strangers,” is published by Math Paper Press. Guan Liang currently lives in Singapore.

Jesse Hayges
Jesse has lived in many places around the United States including, but not limited to: Ohio, Alaska, Washington, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. He currently is a student who is pursuing a degree in English with a focus on Creative Writing. Care packages are always appreciated.

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
Jane Rosenberg LaForge is the author of the full-length poetry collection, “With Apologies to Mick Jagger, Other Gods, and All Women” (The Aldrich Press, 2012) and “The Navigation of Loss,” one of three winners of the Red Ochre Press 2012 chapbook competition. Her experimental novel and memoir, “An Unsuitable Princess: A True Fantasy/A Fantastical Memoir,” will be published by Jaded Ibis Productions in either fall 2013 or winter 2014. 

Christopher Lettera
Christopher Lettera hears that train a comin’. He received his Master’s in English from Youngstown State University, where he founded and worked as Managing Editor ofJenny Magazine for two years. He is the recipient of the Robert R. Hare Awardfor fiction and placed as runner-up in the Ohio River Valley chapter of the recent National Society of Arts and Letters short story writing competition. His fiction has appeared in Literary Orphans and Jersey Devil Press. He has taught poetry at SMARTS (Students Motivated by the Arts), a free K-12 art school in Youngstown, and currently teaches Mythology in Literature at YSU.

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