Pushcart Prize Nominees

The Pushcart Prize – See who will be representing Crack the Spine this year!

“Burn, Baby, Burn” by Brianne M. Kohl
Published in Issue Seventy-Four
Published in Fall 2013 Anthology

“To Serve and Protect” by Debra Brenegan
Published in Issue Sixty-One
Published in Summer 2013 Anthology

“Over Exposure” by Steven Minchin

Published in Issue Fifty-Six
Published in Spring 2013 Anthology

“The Sticky Grid” by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro
Published in Issue Seventy-Six
Published in Fall 2013 Anthology

“Memo Line” by Chelsea Johnson
Published in Issue Fifty-Two
Published in Spring 2013 Anthology

“Paradisu” by Gay Baines
Published in Issue Sixty-Four
Published in Summer 2013 Anthology

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on “Pushcart Prize Nominees
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