Issue 111

“I know I’m dreaming because what I sense is more than what I understand.”

– From “The Climber’s Crux” by David Rawding

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on “Issue 111
7 Comments on “Issue 111
  1. Beautiful layout. “The Climber’s Crux” had me struggling to breathe whilst climbing that rock face with him. When his right hand fingernails scraped down, I felt it in my right hand…and was relieved when they held. Those last minutes in the hospice in “Farmed Out” had me back by my mother’s death bed, wondering. “$18.99/LB” made me wonder if I should chuckle or shudder at the whole idea. Neat, weird thread tying all the stories and poems together. A pleasure to read.

  2. David is a fantastic author. His stories leave you feeling like you were actually right there whether he is writing fiction or fact. Please keep his stories coming !

    • I agree. The emotional depth of the poem is powerful in that the narrative is conveyed by showing, not telling. Some really incredible, unique imagery as well.

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