Fall 2014 Anthology

ctsCrack the Spine. Bend a fresh book until your hands meet beneath its stressed strings. Feel the weight of words snap free.

This anthology includes the best poetry and prose from Crack the Spine Literary Magazine’s weekly publications.

Authors: Brock Avery-Robinson, Amanda Barusch, Marc Berman, Shinjini Bhattacharjee, , James Bradley, Bob Buchanan, Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, Elisabeth Cook, Dan Crawley, Christine Davis, Christopher DeWan, Alfredo Franco, K.M. Huber, Lillian Kerr-Haversat, Bill Kirby, Denise Kodi, Laura Kopchick, Matt Liebowitz, Wulf Losee, Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Danielle Mitchell, Jocelyn Mosman, Charles O’Hay, Kayla Pongrac, David Pring-Mill, Elaine Silverstein, Roger Soffer, Shaun Turner, Jennifer Van Alstyne, Erin Wilcox, John Sibley Williams

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on “Fall 2014 Anthology
One Comment on “Fall 2014 Anthology

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