Issue 156

Issue 156 Cover-page-0A mystic time exists amid

loathed last calls and sunrise splendor:

when bulbous spiders spin silky webs

and swallow half-hardened prey…

– From “Downtown at Dawn” by Tyler Auffhammer

Contributors: Tyler Auffhammer, Eva Garber, Alison Hicks, Abbie Stoner, Laura Stout, John Clark Vincent, A. A. Weiss


One Comment

on “Issue 156
One Comment on “Issue 156
  1. I was moved by John Clark Vincent’s poem, “Baby Bunny.” The three-line stanza format reflects the three characters in the poem, a father with two sons, and the emotion behind the event reflects the father’s situation and feelings, as well as the situation in the world of nature. Nicely done, John!

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