Issue 163

Issue 163 Cover-page-0I sent my partner out before me

to clear the way into the waiting world,

and listened, longing for Taiw

From “Ibeji” by Katie Moore

Contributors: Carl Boon, Luanne Castle, Katie Moore, Anne Reingold, James Seals, Kevin Thomas, Jeffrey H. Toney

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on “Issue 163
6 Comments on “Issue 163
  1. Loved Luann Castle’s ‘Small Solace.’ Something there about disenfranchised folks and the small ways they might find of exerting a little control… The dialogue struck me as tremendously authentic. Great read!

  2. ‘Small Solace’ by Luanne Castle had me glued from start to finish, so that by the end I almost cheered for Dab, even in the face of his quiet desperation. A mildy disturbing read which is my cup of tea any day of the week.

  3. Luanne Castle’s ‘Small Solace’ portrays a very unusual character and yet a universal one in terms of man’s search to belong. The ending was touching while disturbing and I felt for the main character, Dab. Hard not to be touched by this well written story.

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