Issue 171

Issue 171 Cover-page-0foot after foot  stopping

to evolve bare and  breast-

deep into tarmac like an ocean

knitting a ship

From “Here We Go” by Devanshi Khetarpal

Contributors: Melissa Hammond, Ceridwen Hall, Adam Hoss, Elias Keller, Devanshi Kheterpal, Robin Landa, Kim Magowan, Kelly McNeal

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  1. I particularly enjoyed Robin Landa’s “Bottled Up”…it was wonderfully written, funny and heartbreaking. Can’t wait to read more from this author!

  2. I loved Robin Landa’s story- Bottled Up….I felt the internal struggle of the wife, she made me laugh as well as feel heartbroken. I loved the twist ending, Robin has a gift for exploring the dark side while keeping the humor intact. I wanted to find out what happened next…….more please!!

  3. I loved Robin Landa’s piece. It was very insightful regarding a long standing marriage. Her use of language was particularly creative. Please write more.

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