Issue 181

Issue 181 Cover-page-0The November we are fifteen we run away and the boys around the block put us up in a motel room on the turnpike that has a hole in the door so we can see everyone’s sneakers shuffling past.

From “The November We Are Fifteen” by Lydia Armstrong

Contributors: Anne Anthony, Lydia Armstrong, Alec Cizak, Laura Kiselevach, Caitlyn McPherson, Bruce Robinson, Wayne Scheer, Emily Vander Ark

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  1. I loved Anne Anthony’s “Every Star Has a Story” about a young girl’s coming of age. The walkabout was a lesson perfectly learned.

  2. Anne Anthony’s “Every Star Has a Story” does what flash fiction is supposed to do–gets you there fast and leaves you images to savor, afterward. Kudos!

  3. I also loved “Every Star Has a Story” by Anne Anthony. It was so in the body and the descriptions were so visceral that I could feel everything happening.

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