Issue 191

sMy earliest memory is of a train station, semi-open arched frosted glass ceilings merged, with birds on a concrete island separating a pair of train tracks…

From “The Devolution of Birds” by Zach Smith

Contributors: Steven Ablon, Ivan Faute, Tara Roeder, A.J. Huffman, Rose Knapp, Nichole L. Reber, Zach Smith, Andrew Weatherly

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on “Issue 191
9 Comments on “Issue 191
  1. Andrew Weatherly’s Forbidden Vegetables: I love this poet’s line, “The French, knowing how to gussy up, naming it aubergine, making mysterious that purple skin…”
    It’s both funny and elegant…and obviously true.

  2. Yummmm Andrew Weatherly write in descriptive pros. always intriguing always draws you in draws you close, right there with the experience. Forbidden vegetables calls me to get the forbidden veggie!

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