Issue 193

Issue 193 Cover-page-0Monday. Much trust in irrigation. Rain

on the streets. Inside, couches

sprout plots of rotund buns. Lady

neighbor weeping; my seat becomes

her garden…

 From Getting My Head Checked” by Scott Wordsman

Contributors: Anne Anthony, Michael Cocchiarale, Joan Colby, TS Hidalgo, Kathie Jacobson, Kara Bright Kilgore, Nathan Willis, Scott Wordsman

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on “Issue 193
7 Comments on “Issue 193
  1. Reading Kathie Jacobson’s work is like lifting up the fallen and unnoticed leaves of the world, flattened by experience, to glimpse breathtaking insights and read startling descriptions enhanced by unspoken, yet savagely felt, nuance. Just amazing. I held my breath, tasting every single word.

  2. I loved “Myself as Jonah.” What a wonderful “bird’s-eye view” of nature…so full of color and vibrance…and humor. Especially love preparing lunch counters for the lovable con artist cowbirds. The ending is powerful. Beautifully written, from beginning to end.

  3. In Kathie Jacobson’s “Thirst” I felt yearning, terrible risk, pain and beauty- the bridges, the buried frog, too physical an experience of thirst and suffocation. Nearly redemptive. Ultimately, the mother ‘s significance overrides- so well drawn- awful, full of wretchedness. The images in this are just awe inspiring, wrenchingly so. Deeply moving writing.

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