Anthology XIV

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest print anthology – now available on Amazon.


Melissa Marni, Megan Merchant, Luanne Castle, Kim Magowan, Philip Kane, Linda Heuring, Melissa Hammond, Marcia LeBeau, Nick Gregorio, Terry Minchow-Proffitt, Richard Key, Daniel J. Cleary, Monique Zamir, Rosie McFarland, BAM, Angel Dionne, Ceridwen Hall, Chris Vola, JT Gill, Robin Landa, Jeffrey H. Toney, Mark J. Mitchell, Mary Jo Melone, Bob Thurber, Ruth Z. Deming, Katie Moore, Claire Polders, David Hicks, Levi Andrew Noe, Charles Kerlin, Vic Sizemore, S. Frederic Liss


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  1. I am humbled and honored to join this talented group of writers in Crack The Spine’s latest anthology. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

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