Issue 203

crack-the-spine-literary-magazine-issue-203-coverIf I flew a sign for my daily bread, I’d work the morning commute, down at that intersection where Airport Boulevard undercuts I-35…

From “A Second Coming” by Barry Maxwell

Contributors: David S. Golding, Amber Cook, Dana Kroos, Jeremy DaCruz, Barry Maxwell, Jonathan Simkins, Greg Moglia, J.D. Hager, Robert Wexelblatt

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on “Issue 203
5 Comments on “Issue 203
  1. What a lovely issue, thank you. I quite liked the tight, thought-provoking “Pull Yourself Together” by Dana Kroos, though my favorite was Jonathan Simkins’ “Merch”. Delicate, beautiful. Rewarded me more with every reading. Like a dream you wake up to and know is important but keeps skittering away. Well done to everyone.

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