Issue 209 Contributors

Meet the contributors of upcoming Issue 209

Dan Klefstad
Dan Klefstad has been waking NPR listeners in northern Illinois for nearly two decades as the host of WNIJ’s Morning Edition. In recent years, he started the “Read With Me” book series, interviewing regional authors and organizing writing contests. In April, he released his first novel on a traditional contract, “Shepherd & the Professor.” He lives in DeKalb with one wife and one cat. You’re welcome to guess which is the loving partner and which is the selfish and cruel master.

Natalia Fernández
Natalia Fernández is a writer from Uruguay, currently living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bamboo Ridge Press, Dislocate, and Futures Trading, among others. Her story “The Big One” received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train’s Story Award for New Writers.

Lindsay McLeod
Lindsay McLeod trips over the horizon every morning. He has won some prizes and awards and stuff for poetry and short fiction. He currently writes on the sandy Southern edge of the world, where he watches the sea and the sky wrestle for supremacy at his letterbox. He prefers to support the underdog. It is presently an each way bet.

Kyle Sundby
Kyle Sundby is a copywriter who runs daily in and around Vancouver, WA.

Robert Detman
Robert Detman is the author of the novel “Impossible Lives of Basher Thomas”(Figureground Press, 2014). “The Survivor’s Guide,” short stories, was a semi-finalist for the 2013 Hudson Prize from Black Lawrence Press. His fiction and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in the Antioch Review, Akashic Books, Fjords Review, Newfound, The Southeast Review, and dozens of other literary journals. He has also contributed to blogs at Superstition Review, Draft Journal, and elsewhere.

A.R. Dugan
A. R. Dugan is a MFA candidate in creative writing at Emerson College. His poetry can be seen or is forthcoming in a number of literary magazine and reviews, most recently The Merrimack Review. Recently, his poem “The Creation of a Man” was nominated for AWP’s Intro Journal Awards Project. He taught high school English in southeastern Massachusetts for nine years. With a passion for writing, A. R. reads poetry for Redivider and Ploughshares. He currently teaches English at several Boston-area colleges.

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