Issue 211

Looking the same to her treated eyes, Reena took the untreated umbrella by mistake.

From “Give Away” by Lucia Damacela

Contributors: Lucía Damacela, Jeff Fleischer, Peter Grandbois, David Hammond, Katherine Hil, Julia Porter Howe, Jennifer Lee, Lenny Levine, Charlie Monte Verde


on “Issue 211
11 Comments on “Issue 211
  1. I love the child’s perspective in “Retribution.” “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” is surprising and fun, and it comes to a neat and satisfying conclusion.

  2. I enjoyed “Happy Birthday” by Katherine Hill. Solid imagery. It grabbed my attention and kept it. Would like to see more of that.

  3. I loved Katherine Hill’s story “Happy Birthday.” It’s amazing to see how much she has grown as a writer. “Happy Bithday” also gave me chills, and I admired the grimness of it. Great job Kathy!

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