Issue 212

Some people check their watch

I check my ink

From “Tattoo” by Mark Borkowski

Contributors: Timothy Adams, Mark Borkowski,  Manit Chaotragoongi, Brian Coughlan, Ron Gibson Jr., David Lohrey, Nicholas Olson, Leah Holbrook Sackett, Gerard Sarnat

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4 Comments on “Issue 212
  1. Kerri, another page-turner, with lovely restrained illustrations and formatting. A website that is a neighborhood.

    David Lohrey’s little story shines like an imperfectly capped molar.

  2. In Lea Sackett’s The Family Blend I am invited into the history of a family’s dark secrets. She masterfully leads you on a gut turning journey and then slams you into a wall. Well done and gripping tale. Wonderful writer.
    Hope to see much more of her work.

  3. Wow – Leah Sackett’s The Family Blend is a masterful journey of haunted memory and hard hitting truth. I love the way she blended the light and darkness and brought both together in the ending. Would love to see more by this author!

  4. As for Nicholas Olsen’s A Fucking Riot- he yet again takes you to a height and drops you, never failing to remind that we’re all just a bunch of fucking head cases.

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