Anthology XV

We’re proud to announce the release of our latest print anthology – now available on Amazon.

Corie Adjmi, Anne Anthony, Lydia Armstrong, Jody Azzouni, Karen Vande Bossche, Taylor Brake, Abby Caplin, Joan Colby, Velicia Jerus Darquenne, El, Jeff Fleischer, Lisa Harris, Kathie Jacobson, Elizabeth Kert, John Leo, Bonnie Lykes, Barry Maxwell, Sarah Frances Moran, Julianne Palumbo, Michael Proctor, Michael H. Rand, Andrea Ruggirello, Jonathan Simkins, Bonnie Stanard, Dylan Taylor, Kailey Tedesco, J.T. Townley, R.L. Ugolini, Jennifer Valentine, Andrew Weatherly, Kevin Richard White, Tricia Yost

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on “Anthology XV
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