Issue 216

I am air-conditioned, scanning a book dedicated to me

and there is a rhythm for what I write

in randomly placed words, disconnected.

From “On Marriage” by Michele Reese

Contributors: Alice Hatcher, Kent Leatham, Philip Loyd, Charles Rammelkamp, Katy Reedy, Michele Reese, Linda Rosen, Fred Vogel


on “Issue 216
12 Comments on “Issue 216
  1. The story submitted by Katy Reedy is very well written and easy to read!
    I really enjoyed the attention to literary detail, and I felt like I really got to know the characters.

  2. Issue 216 is on point. Particularly enjoyed the 90s throwback “You Are What you Eat” – it captures so much about women’s bodies and women’s friendships. Poignant and provoking. I was such a “Rachel”!
    Teenage dreams✨, BFFs💞, & Coming of Age💋 Forever!

  3. “Through the Peephole” by Linda Rosen is so visual I felt I was actually in her apartment. I could also hear her heart beating so fiecely. For a short piece, Rosen told me a lot.

  4. I read Linda Rosen’s piece Through the Peephole and felt my pulse throbbing as I took on the place of the girl facing the white wall. I trembled and breathed the scent of fear, smelled the man’s body come close. A thriller in a few words.

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