Issue 217

failing to grasp
with leaden fingers
sifting through the chaos
of sunlit petals
wet with plantation smell

From “Errant Echoes” by Patrick Scheid

Contributors: Richard Dokey, Zach Trebino, Arthur Davis, Andra Emilia Fenton, Amy Braziller, Darren Nuzzo, Jim Powell, Patrick Scheid, Jan Elman Stout


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  1. I really enjoyed reading Darren Nuzzo’s story in Issue 217 (She’s Great, Just Asleep). He is a gifted writer who is able to paint a vivid picture and keep the reader captivated and wanting more.

  2. Really enjoyed the short fiction story “She’s Great, Just Asleep” by Darren Nuzzo in Issue 217. Loved the feel of the story and definitely was left wanting more.
    Hope to see other stories from this author.

  3. Darren Nuzzo’s short story, She’s Great, Just Asleep, is a quirky tale of life’s mundane experiences — reminds me of something pulled from Vonnegut’s Welcome to the Monkey House. I love it! Nuzzo’s wit is apparent is his amusing one-liners: “The quarters finally do their job.” It would be great to see more stories featured.

  4. Great story by Darren Nuzzo “She’s Great,Just Asleep”. Loved the imagry. Could picture the settings and people through his colorful descriptions and phrases. Hope to read more from this author.

  5. Loved the story by Darren Nuzzo, She’s Great, Just Asleep.” Really enjoyed his one liners, “i clear my throats and save the conversation with alcohol,” so good. Also enjoyed his wit, and how he described moments most people don’t think about. Well written, would love to see more from him!

  6. “She’s Great, Just Asleep”, by Darren Nuzzo…SO GOOD!! Loved the old man, the ducks, and the bucket! Especially loved the symbolism behind all three. That he was so taken with the ducks and their simple “touch” as they brushed his leg said so much! So enjoyed the patience and tenderness of Maya’s husband too, notably when he says, “She’s always been self conscious about the way she sleeps: her mouth opening as if drinking raindrops in her sleep… I tell her not to worry, that she sleeps like a princess. It’s a shame I’m the only one who gets to see how beautiful she looks.” A great story and read! I want more!

  7. I finished the story, “She’s Great, Just Asleep”, with a delicious growing interest and ambivalence about my first impressions, as images morph naturally and, well, creepily in some subtle way, from chance acts (pot-shot at a target to a picnic table porcupined) let alone wondering about how ‘great’ the object of love really is. Great stuff, Mr. Nuzzo. Encore!

  8. Just read “She’s great, just asleep.” That was a good read. Glad I came across it. I’m looking forward to more from Darren Nuzzo!!

  9. Jan Elian Stout’s Annual Christmas Pageant Understudy finds the tension, fear, outrage and action victims of abuse need, and brings it home to her readers. Very well done…right down to the flocking!

  10. I’m well impressed with Jan Elman Stout’s powerful “Annual Christmas Pageant Understudy”. Good catch, Crack the Spine! I’ll be back.

  11. Jan Elman Stout’s “Annual Christmas Pageant Understudy” is a true slice of life. This story lingers. The boy becoming a man achieves a small victory over his abusive father. But you know it’s not over – for him or his mother.

  12. Jan Elman’s Stout’s “Annual Christmas Pageant Understudy” moved me to tears– and I was so glad that, in the end, the narrator triumphed!

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