Issue 222

I catch gender in my teeth
like softballs:
jaw-breaking, bloodied mouth
until everything tastes like pennies.

From “Miss” by Mariah Perkins

Contributors: Amanda Barusch, Michael Chaney, Wendy J. Fox, Samantha Guss, Robert Marshall, Kristen McQuinn, Jennifer Met, Mariah Perkins


on “Issue 222
3 Comments on “Issue 222
  1. Once, by Amanda Barusch.

    Amanda has a very unique poetic voice. She is a gifted and a one of a kind writer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her micro fiction piece. I could keep reading, if there was more! She is a master at using just the right words. I don’t know how she does it, but she gets a lot out of the words that she chooses, which, as a writer myself…is very difficult to do.

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