Issue 225

We are all waiting to go home, promises made, but not kept.

From “Stargazing on Easter Island” by Devon Balwit

Contributors: Devon Balwit, Rachel Belth, Alle C. Hall, Jamie Elliott Keith, Blake Kilgore, Nicholas Marcus, Eli T. Mond, T. E. Wilderson, Jim Zola


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11 Comments on “Issue 225
  1. I read and loved “The Deal” by Jamie Elliott Keith. The author plumbed the depths of the main character, Wilbur Sands, creating a man who is three dimensional and visible to me. Sands is not a bad man, but he also doesn’t quite see himself as a good man. Two distinct incidents in his day set the framework for this exploration of a simple man’s worth and goodness, as well as his struggle with changed circumstances and resulting loneliness and doubt. Excellent writing.

  2. I loved “Dressed Left’ by Alle C Hall. The author created a raw, visceral piece that evoked deep wondering on how we hold and navigate the complexities of life. Authentically with vulnerability. Excellent.

  3. Ale C. Hall’s short short “Dressed Left” is very creative, colorful and reminiscent of the avant-garde. It reminds me of train stations and stages of the early Parisian 1900s, their sharp contrasts in light and dark, plumes and trumpets. Well done.

  4. I enjoyed Alle Hall’s piece, Dressed Left. I found it to be creative and thought provoking, and expressed the nature of experience and maturity in an interesting way.

  5. The “pounding desperation” from Blake Kilgore’s Emptying Too Fast is all too relatable. To evoke that feeling that quickly takes talent. Kudos.

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