Issue 226

Mornings I hear the

whoosh of cars trucks & buses on

the damp windy boulevards

From “Living Alone With a One-Eyed Cat” by Mike Faran

Contributors: Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, Mike Faran, William A. Greenfield, Greg Jenkins, Lindsey Little, Adam Michael Nicks, Christina Wiseman, Jean Wolff, Karen Zey

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10 Comments on “Issue 226
  1. Love Karen Zey’s Lesson in Hugs. I’ll bet she’s a super-duper hugger. She has certainly wrapped me in her succinct prose and interesting hug-bits. Bravo, Karen!

  2. Karen Zey’s Lesson in Hugs is a beautifully written sensitive piece of writing. Her words were so evocative that I could feel the warmth of the theme come right off the page. It makes you want to hug Karen. Really, a well done.

  3. I enjoyed reading Karen Zey’s ‘”Lesson in Hugs.'” She shared hugging a variety of people in her piece and and the feelings she felt. Her piece evoked special warm memories for me . Thank you Karen Zey

  4. I could just wrap my arms around my iPad after reading Karen Zey’s essay, A Lesson in Hugs” . A powerful message conveying the power of hugs….wonderful read on a cold autumn night….warmed me right up.

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