Issue 243

I have to tell you of the sound of barred

owl just at bedtime, how it seeps

through the walls as ghost, how

it hangs from ceiling in drips…

From “I Need to Talk to You” by Danielle Hanson

Contributors: Jim Cole, Amanda DeNatale, Danielle Hanson, Candace Hartsuyker, Joaquin Macias, Bailey Merlin , Keith Moul, Mike Nagel, Kevin Richard White


on “Issue 243
11 Comments on “Issue 243
  1. Jim Cole’s Birdsong is full of wonder, longing, heartbreak and the mysteries of the human heart. Such a span of emotions evoked in such a short piece. I especially loved how onlookers try to define and understand the bird, and when they cannot, they paint its cage and capture it in other ways….

  2. Beautiful looking issue! Love the artwork. I also love Jim Cole’s Birdsong, Lazlo’s sorrow and the Sirens silent beneath the surface.

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