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Advertising with Crack the Spine Literary Magazine allows you to reach hundreds of daily readers and subscribers who are directly and passionately involved in the artistic community. We believe that advertising to a dedicated literary audience is something that should be accessible for all aspiring writers and small businesses. In an effort to provide such a platform, our rates are among the most affordable in the industry. We also offer specials for previous contributors of Crack the Spine or those looking to purchase multiple ad options. We want you to reach your audience and are happy to work with you to ensure that you can do just that! Contact us for additional information or to get started at

  • Newsletter Advertising – Our weekly newsletter is emailed directly to hundreds of committed readers! Your ad will appear as a prominent banner near the top of this engaging and colorful newsletter. $30 per newsletter, $20 for each additional newsletter. We also offer an ad option in the footer of our newsletter for an even more affordable solution. $20 per newsletter, $10 for each additional newsletter. We offer only one banner (top) and one footer (bottom) ad per newsletter, so the focus will be on you!
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