Braddock Avenue Books – The Best Small Fictions 2017/2018

  • “Once” by Amanda Barusch, Published in Issue 222
  • “Happy Birthday” by Katherine Hill, Published in Issue 211, coming soon in Anthology 16
  • “The Annual Christmas Pageant Understudy” by Jan Elman Stout, Published in Issue 217, coming soon in Anthology 16
  • “Single Occupancy” by Kyle Sundby, Published in Issue 209, coming soon in Anthology 16
  • “When I Learned a Certain Power” by Madeline Anthes, Published in Issue 224

Pushcart Prize 2017 Nominees

  • “Industry & Idleness” by Michael A. Ferro, Published in Issue 219, Anthology 16
  • “Coming of Age in Idaho” by Jennifer Met, Published in Issue Issue 222
  • “Inisfree” by Richard Dokey, Published in Issue 217, Anthology 16
  • “Working the Count: Field Notes From One Woman’s Career” by Holly H. Jones, Published in Issue 214, Anthology 16
  • “Tattoo” by Mark Borkowski, Published in Issue 212, Anthology 16
  • “The Family Blend” by Leah Holbrook Sackett, Published in Issue 212, Anthology 16

Pushcart Prize 2015 Nominees

  • “Julip Reflects on Being Left Behind at the Store” by Sharon Kurtzman, Published in Issue 146
  • “Embracing Skeletons” by Nick Gregorio, Published in Issue Issue 166
  • “The White Bubble of South Africa” by Cliff Simon & Loren Stephens, Published in Issue 159
  • “Consuming the Wick” by Megan Merchant, Published in Issue 162
  • “We Are Evergreen” by Alex Ender, Published in Issue 151
  • “The Quiet Raspberry Wormhole” by Jeffrey H. Toney, Published in Issue 163

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